If you’re looking to take the next big step in your faith, Edge (a summer program from Pioneers) is for you.

The trip overseas is only part of the experience. As a part of a Pioneers Edge trip, you will receive coaching, orientation, and debriefing.

Several Edgers share their own experience of Edge coaches walking with them as they prepared for their Edge trip.

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From the time you’re interviewed to when you fly back home, someone on our staff will coach and mentor you. Coaching calls help grow you spiritually, emotionally and relationally. Think of it like having a personal trainer before a big event. We want to make sure you’re the healthiest you can be, and not just for this summer, but for the rest of your life.

Several Edgers share their own experiences of Edge coaches walking with them as they prepared for their Edge trip on our Testimonials page.

Some things to expect from the coaching process:

  • An acceptance packet with books that we use throughout the process
  • A financial account to send donations for your trip (online and mail)
  • Access to a training website with detailed information from the field mentors on what to expect and how to prepare for your trip
  • Full access to Edge Coaches that are available to answer any questions
  • Free security training
  • Free personality assessment
  • Visa application support (when a visa is necessary)
  • Bi-weekly/monthly calls focused on:
  • Support raising
  • Time management
  • Identity in Christ
  • Spiritual warfare
  • Expectations
  • Packing and logistical support
  • Sharing the gospel cross-culturally
  • Conflict management and communication

Orientation in Orlando

Before you go on your trip, you will fly to Orlando for a week-long orientation. During this orientation, you get to meet your team for the first time, as well as other students going on trips.

It’s a sweet time of worship, training, and relationship building.

Orientation - Man focused on speaker during Edge OrientationOrientation - Girl laughing at Edge OrientationOrientation - Enjoying a meal together

Go on Your Trip

These eight-to-twelve-week trips are intentionally chose for you to:

  • Gain experience among an unreached people group
  • Extend the reach of the field ministry
  • Be mentored and discipled by the field leader
  • Begin to learn another language
  • Learn what it takes to plant a church among unreached peoples
  • Experience all the highs and lows of missions (getting sick, taking out the trash, etc.)
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Debriefing in Orlando

Before you get thrown back in the chaos of back home, you’ll come to Pioneers in Orlando for four days. Here you’ll be able to decompress, get over jet lag and sicknesses, and, most importantly, be debriefed. You’ll have individual and team debriefings to talk about your summer. This gives you a chance to share the good, bad and ugly with someone that wants to listen the whole time and understands the context of where you were and what you were doing.

You’ll also have training throughout the week on how to share your stories from the summer, reverse culture shock and what next steps might look like for you with Pioneers or in general.

Edge debrief in Orlando, FL