Jericho Team

  • Location:
    Southeast Asia
  • Duration:
    10 weeks
  • Dates:
    May 22 to July 26
  • Setting:
    Urban & Rural
  • Religion:
  • Cost:
  • Internship Type:
    Intercultural Studies, Business, TESOL, Community Health
Jericho Team

What would your 2024 mission trip look like?

We call this place Jericho. Whether you stay for a summer or for many years, you’ll see God at work, breaking down strongholds and building His Kingdom even in the most impossible places. He just asks us to be faithful.

Your team will take on the challenges of learning another language and engaging deeply with another culture. You’ll try countless new foods and learn to sweat your way through daily life in the tropics. Staying among the unreached in multiple villages will allow you to share meals and daily life, seeing another worldview and religion up close. You’ll learn from fishermen, coffee farmers, basket weavers and others who will open the doors of their homes and hearts to welcome you in.

You’ll also be deeply encouraged to see God at work even against the backdrop of Islamic cultures, where calls to prayer resound through every village five times a day. He is raising up men and women throughout this country to leave their own families and comforts and live in places His name and goodness are not known. Interact with national workers, hear their stories, pray with them for the challenges and rejoice with them in the ways He is at work.

Through cultural exchanges in various villages, you will help the long-term team and their national partners build new bridges. Long after you leave, they will continue to engage with those you meet during your visit.

As you learn the local trade language, you’ll also have opportunity to teach English. You could be the first foreigner many have ever met. You’ll enjoy coffee with them, meet their families, discover what they do for fun and engage with them about the deep questions of their hearts. Along the way, you’ll get to share with them the Hope within you and how it has transformed your life.

Through each experience, you’ll learn to press into your Good Shepherd, abide with Him, wrestle through hard questions and pray for those you meet. Your heart for the nations and understanding of the global Church will be expanded as you see God working across ethnic, linguistic and political boundaries.

Come catch a glimpse of His heart all tribes, tongues and nations. Your perspective will be changed forever.

* COVID vaccination is required to be part of this team

2024 Edge Trip Activities

* Subject to change
  • Home stays with a local family
  • Prayer gatherings
  • Prayer walking
  • Fellowship with national workers
  • Seeking people of peace
  • Practicing rest and sabbath
  • Learning language and traditional dance
  • Teaching English and participating in English camps
  • Helping with nutrition training in villages
  • Planting mangrove trees and transplanting coral
  • Participating in a beach cleanup
  • Shadowing chocolate and coffee farmers and making chocolate at a local chocolate factory
  • Meeting with local college students and discussing different cultural norms in the West
  • Attending a sea turtle festival
  • Exploring the land as you hike, visit a waterfall, go snorkeling, kayak, try stand-up paddle boarding and camp

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