Jericho Team

  • Location:
    Southeast Asia
  • Duration:
    10 Weeks
  • Dates:
    May 25 to July 29
  • Setting:
    Urban & Rural
  • Religion:
  • Cost:
  • Internship Type:
    Intercultural Studies, Business
Jericho Team

What would your 2023 mission trip look like?

God is already working in the hearts of those living at “the ends of the earth” and still isolated from hearing the Good News. They are open to talking about Jesus but don’t have contact with any of His followers who can share the gospel.

Come prayerfully and boldly seek to see the Good News reach the people of the ends of the earth.

You will work with six people groups that are either unreached or both unreached and unengaged with the gospel. They are steeped in Islamic tradition and heavily influenced by strongholds of animism.

We know God’s promise is that people from every tribe and tongue and nation will worship before His throne. We desire to be His instruments in these people groups believing.

Through excursions into remote, underdeveloped communities, you will have the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful places on earth, places very few people have ever been to before. Even more importantly, you will immerse yourself in beautiful cultures to love and serve these people in practical ways.

Come be a part of what the Holy Spirit is doing to spread the Good News.

2023 Edge Trip Activities

* Subject to change
  • See what it takes to start a gospel movement within an unreached Muslim group.
  • Prayer walk through communities.
  • Study language in a language school.
  • Learn culture through home-stays with local families.
  • Experience trekking, snorkeling and rock climbing.
  • Take survey trips into unengaged communities, seeking new relationships.
  • Do community development (from agriculture to kids camps to clinics).
  • Help start a partnership with underprivileged women making eco-friendly jewelry.

* Destination is subject to visa approval through this country’s embassy.


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