Location: Southeast Asia
Dates: May 26 to July 30, 2021
Setting: Urban
Religion: Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism
Cost: $5,200
Internship category: Intercultural Studies, TESOL

What does a 2021 mission trip to Southeast Asia look like?

This city is a blend of unreached peoples, languages, and beliefs impacting all parts of life.

In a single neighborhood, you will often hear bells from the Hindu temple, smell incense from Buddhist and Taoist worshippers, and hear the Muslim call to prayer.

This location is a beautiful, equatorial tropical island.

The area is in the suburbs, with both a large outdoor market and a large superstore within 10 minutes. You will be a 45-minute flight from the capital. There’s an international airport on the island, along with several malls and other modern conveniences.

Yet, below the surface are many complexities; the world’s three largest non-Christian religions all live on top of each other and coexist in everyday life.

There is a wide array of social classes as well, ranging from:

-migrant workers from nearby countries

-local Muslims who speak little to no English

-Hindus who speak mostly the local language and also English

-very wealthy East Asian Tibetans and Buddhist business people/property owners

There is a lot of seafood here, the climate is hot and humid year-round (91 degrees Fahrenheit every day), and rain is often on the forecast.

Our island is considered a top-ten foodie destination in the world!

Southeast Asia Mission Trip Activities (subject to change)

  • Prayerwalking. This is a regular part of our weekly routine. You will prayer walk different parts of the city at least two or three times a week.
  • Going out 2×2. You will learn the way that Jesus sent out His disciples in Luke 9, 10, and Matthew 10 and then go out 2×2 to practice these things several times a week.
  • Disciple-making training. We will walk through the biblical principles of disciple-making together as a team and with other ex-pats and put them into practice together.