Location: South Asia
Dates: May 26 to July 16, 2021 (about eight weeks)
Setting: Urban
Religion: Islam
Cost: $5,000
Internship category: Intercultural Studies

What would your mission trip look like?

This South Asian nation has 5.5 million people. We focus on church planting within a non-native, Muslim minority group. In their home country, Sharia law controls them tightly. Not here. We also partner with a local ministry to mobilize, train and send out South Asian church planters. Most of our ministry is in English, and this will allow you to plug in right away.

This South Asia mission trip will be an experience of learning while doing. You will choose an area of emphasis for more specialized training and mentoring. Your focus could be prayer, making disciples, contextualization or core church-planting activities, however you choose. Exploring community development is another option.

Though we focus on Muslims, our city is home to followers of all the major religions living together in an urban setting. This makes the location ideal for evangelism, but also mobilization and sending.

South Asia Mission Trip Field Activities (subject to change)

  • Prayer: Prayer walk and share your faith as you go.
  • Discipleship: Help others grow in holiness, especially professing believers. Start accountability groups.
  • Contextualization: Learn the worldview of the people. Use oral strategies to share the gospel. Help local believers develop theology. Explore ways to use music, art, and storytelling while you share biblical truth.
  • Church Planting: Start and lead discovery Bible studies. Mobilize and equip cross-cultural church planters.
  • Community Development: Focus on ministry in a particular neighborhood while learning about their needs.