DC Team

  • Location:
    Washington, D.C.
  • Duration:
    10 Weeks
  • Dates:
    May 25 to July 29
  • Setting:
  • Religion:
    Islam, Unchurched
  • Cost:
  • Internship Type:
    Intercultural Studies
DC Team

What would your 2022 mission trip look like?

The Washington DC Metro area has a large community of immigrants and refugees from all over the world. Due to language and cultural barriers, they are often restricted to their homes and families. English classes, though available, are expensive and infrequent. So, much of their community is still back in their home countries, and they have few opportunities to form new friendships.

Our goal is to meet the needs of these immigrants holistically through English-learning, community-building, and gospel-sharing. We offer inexpensive classes, childcare, a daily Bible lesson and hospitality events. English classes also provide a platform through which we can share the hope we have in Jesus. In addition, these classes allow those who come to interact with diverse students of similar backgrounds as well as American teachers.

We do not just want to care for the individuals, but for the family. During the school year, we are seldom able to interact with the families of our students. This summer, we will form relationships with the children of the students and bring the whole family into our community. This will also give us more opportunities to share the gospel with families.

Edgers will be leading the way to forming these familial relationships. They will lead the children in activities during ESL class time, support the team, aid the activity leaders, engage in hospitality events throughout the week and learn to participate in cross-cultural ministry from experienced missionaries.

2022 Edge Trip Activities

* Subject to change
  • Participate in Bible studies
  • Take cross-cultural ministry classes
  • Lead and organize activities in the ministry
  • Youth program focusing on drama, art, science, and Legos
  • Form relationships with children and families
  • Participate in hospitality events (trips to museums, meals, etc.)

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