Location:  North Africa
Dates:  12 weeks, May 29 to August 15, 2019
Setting:  Urban
Team size: Six
Religion:  Islam
Cost:  $6,100
Internship category:  Intercultural Studies

What would a North Africa mission trip look like?

The Arab Spring has brought new freedom to openly question and discuss previously stifled social and religious issues in this region.

Proud of their identity as a modern Arab culture, locals share a genuine desire for change as well as a dissatisfaction with the majority religion. These variables have opened the door for a growing number of curious seekers and we need your help to find them. We believe God has been and is preparing their hearts to hear and respond to truth.

We yearn for more people to come to an understanding of the hope that Jesus offers and we need more people living out that truth in a spiritually dark atmosphere. The vast majority of locals have yet to grapple with truths of who Jesus is and instead have heard many lies about His followers.

We believe that this generation has an opportunity to break the cycle of Islamic strongholds in our country.

As an Edger, you can look forward to being stretched! We are looking for humble learners who are not afraid to take initiative to seek out opportunities to make friends, demonstrate an authentic Christian life and contribute to long-term work as part of a team.

The program reflects real life here, so some days will be hectic and busy, while others may be slow. This is a place where last minute changes can be expected and flexibility and a willingness to make the best of any situation are key.

What previous Edgers experienced:

“My experience with the Edge gave me a small taste of what a career in mission work could look like. Through spending time with the long-term workers, I was shown an incredible image of humility, patience, and obedience before God. I also was shown the importance and power of living in a community, and sharing my walk with fellow believers one day at a time. I learned so much from the other members on my team.” Brad

“My Edge trip taught me more than I ever could have imagined. At nearly every turn, God was revealing my personal idols and graciously stripping them away from me through my daily interactions and observations. On my trip, I got a glimpse of the supremacy of God. I saw more than ever how big and majestic God is and how small I am but that the Lord wants to and can use me. I will never regret a moment of my Edge trip and the clarity it provided for my calling.”  Hayes

North Africa Trip Activities (subject to change)

  • Do creative and interactive ESL teaching with marginalized teens
  • Prayer walking, worship, and mentorship
  • Study conversational Arabic
  • Learn about Roman and Christian history on site
  • Assemble Bible packages for seekers
  • Engage and discover culture first hand
  • Experience business as mission in a creative access country
  • Share your faith with people of peace
  • Get church-planting training
  • Build relationships via your personal interests (sports, art, music etc.)
  • Possible home stays

* Destination is subject to visa approval through this country’s embassy.