Location: Orlando, Florida
Dates: May 22 to July 31, 2020
Setting: Office/urban
Cost: $3500
Internship category: Intercultural Studies, marketing

What does a 2020 Stateside Internship Look Like?

If you’re passionate about working in missions, but not sure you want to be a missionary, this role is for you. This 2020 stateside internship will teach you how to be involved in missions using your passions and skills.

You’ll spend most of your time with the Mobilization team, which is the front door of Pioneers.

Administratively you: participate in special projects and plan recruiting efforts, help plan the orientation and debrief for short term workers.

Training will involve:  meeting multiple international teams to learn their strategies and needs, spiritual and emotional mentorship by our staff before and during your internship.

In addition to the practical hands-on experience, you’ll connect with other departments at Pioneers and learn what they do to support overseas workers.

A large part of this internship is mentorship, because we want you to grow deeper with Christ. You’ll learn how to be involved in the great commission beyond going.

2020 Stateside Internship Activities:

  • Participate in Edge Orientation
  • Participate in Edge Debrief
  • Mentorship by members of our staff
  • Assist in special projects
  • Observe Advanced Security Training
  • Observe trainings for the long-term workers