Location: Middle East
Dates: 12 weeks, May 27 to August 14, 2020
Setting: Rural
Religion: Islam
Cost: $5,100
Internship category: Intercultural Studies

What does a Middle East mission trip look like?

Imagine you grew up Muslim and heard that Jesus was a prophet, but wanted to learn more about what He taught. You lived in a small city with no more than 400 Christians, but they never spoke anything to you about Him. How are you to know the truth about the Messiah without any witness?

We thank God that He pursues us and reveals Himself despite the blindness. Jesus is showing Himself in the form of visions and dreams. Many of these dreams and visions often raise more questions and require further clarification.

Those who want to ask these questions face many societal pressures preventing them from seeking these answers. Relationships of trust and respect are therefore essential to sharing truth. It is a good thing that Arabs are so hospitable and love building friendships with foreigners.

Joining our team for the summer, you have the opportunity to invest deeply in the lives of local children, winning over their hearts and their families. Through daily interaction you have the opportunity to teach love, grace, forgiveness and respect, as well as answer questions about what we believe. Come and let the light of Christ shine in a city that needs witnesses.

Middle East Trip Activities

  • Language and culture study
  • Sightseeing at historic and biblical landmarks
  • Relational evangelism
  • Home visits
  • Working a camp for children
  • Teaching English