Massah Team

Location: Israel/South Asia
Dates: Twelve weeks, May 27 to August 14, 2020
Setting: Urban
Religion: Judaism
Cost: $5,800

What does this mission trip look like?

The Massah Project is an experience designed for young adults who believe in Jesus to experience the power and the fullness of the gospel together in the context of the Land of Israel and then to continue to share the gospel with Israeli Jewish backpackers in South Asia.

Massah is not just a program; it’s an experience. Each summer Jews For Jesus offers the opportunity for you to join together in community and as a team in Tel Aviv. For the first time – the summer of 2020 – Jews For Jesus and the Edge will partner in this outreach. Four adventuresome Christ-followers will join together with American Jewish followers of Messiah via Jews For Jesus.

Together you will engage in Bible study, prayer, worship, Hebrew classes, creative outreach and fellowship. You will brainstorm new ways to reach Israelis for the gospel, employing design, music, art and the written Word to speak to them both in the Land and in south Asia. You’ll travel through the Land of Israel, led by experienced tour guides, to both familiar sites and those off the beaten track.

After the five weeks in Israel, you’ll travel to various sites in northern South Asia to engage with the Israeli “trekker” community there. You’ll spend five weeks interacting with Israeli backpackers and use what you’ve learned in Israel to share the gospel with them.

Massah will give you an opportunity to grow in your faith in community with Jewish believers. You will be empowered and encouraged to use your gifts and life experiences to engage in cross-cultural ministry within a team setting.

2020 Mission Trip Field Activities (subject to change)

  • Explore the Land of Israel
  • Receive teaching and mentoring in Judaism, Jewish history & culture, and how to share your Christian faith with a Jewish person
  • Engage in creative forms of evangelism, including the use of art and music
  • Study Hebrew
  • Live in a community atmosphere in Tel Aviv
  • Trek through South Asia to meet and share Christ/Messiah with Israelis there
  • Serve God alongside Jewish believers who become your life-long friends