Location: Japan
Dates: 8 weeks, May 29 to July 18, 2019
Setting: Urban
Religion: Buddhist
Cost: $5,300
Internship category: Intercultural Studies, TESOL, Linguistics

What does a Japan mission trip look like?

Japan is famous for technology and anime. You may notice its presence on world news, but have you ever thought about taking a missions trip there? Do they even need missionaries?

If such thoughts have crossed your mind, you probably aren’t aware that the Japanese are one of the largest least-reached people groups in the world. Less than 1% claim Jesus as their savior. And sadly, it is one of the only countries in East Asia that has seen zero growth in the last 50 years. With a population of 127 million people, Japan is a mostly homogenous society that is bound by tradition and adherence to conformity. It’s difficult to be different, and Christ’s calling certainly makes us different. While many aspects, such as freedom of religion, and amazing sanitation may make it attractive, it is one of the most difficult and discouraging place to evangelize.

So why come? Christ calls us to spread the news of His great love everywhere, and the Japanese people desperately need love. Nothing is more amazing than the grace of Jesus, who covers all our sins, which all our perfectionist strivings fail to do. Change won’t happen overnight, but even a rock is worn down by constant dripping. This is your chance to show tangible love and grace to people who may never have experienced that before.

Past Edge teams have helped us make incredible connections with people in the community, particularly university students. The students have really enjoyed spending time with past Edgers, who are close to their age, and through those connections have attended church events and the worship service as a result. It helps us reach deeper into the community than just one person alone could do. Won’t you come be a part of that?

Japan Trip Activities (subject to change)

  • Study language and culture
  • Assist and lead English classes for kids and adults
  • Meet new students on a local university campus
  • Gain a prayerful heart as you observe Japanese churches and the difficulties they face
  • Prayer walking and intercession
  • Homestays with local families
  • Learn what it’s like to be a missionary in Japan