London Team

  • Location:
    London, England
  • Duration:
    8 weeks
  • Dates:
    May 22 to July 12
  • Setting:
  • Religion:
  • Cost:
  • Internship Type:
London Team

What would your 2024 mission trip look like?

London is a city full of life, a metropolis of about 10 million people, an urban landscape of many ethnicities. All major world religions have a place here. Influences from many cultures show up in the language, food and daily interactions between people. This is a big city brimming with potential.

Here, you can be part of the next generation of Christians learning to be bold in sharing their faith with compassion and conviction. Learn how to walk with God in a busy city, sharing what you learn through conversations about life and faith with those you meet. In a place like London, panting seeds and seeing them grow takes time. The rhythms of rest, work and relationships can be difficult. But as part of the team, you’ll be able to encourage one another and grow through prayer and worship.

Currently, about one in three people is open to spiritual conversations. Throughout the city, churches are being planted or revitalized to share the gospel. It’s worthwhile work. In London you’ll get hands-on serving through evangelism, refugee work and community engagement.

Learn more about how to start spiritual conversations with others and how to work on a multi-cultural team. Visit neighborhoods that are majority Muslim and see how God provides opportunities to share. Volunteer with local churches helping refugees.

Will you come learn, grow and work with us in London?

2024 Edge Trip Activities

* Subject to change
  • Develop your skill in having spiritual conversations
  • Volunteer with local churches at a cafe for refugees
  • Learn how to explain the Bible to Muslims
  • Live in a multicultural learning community for the summer
  • Grow in your understanding of how to pray for others and your community
  • Get time to develop your spiritual rhythms of work and life
  • Explore outreach opportunities in other UK cities
  • Do evangelism in parks and on streets
  • Help with activities at a community center
  • Serving in a summer children's club at a church
  • Participate in a cooking class with refugees

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