Location: Orlando, FL
Dates:  May 26 to July 16, 2021 (about eight weeks)
Setting: Urban
Cost: $3,600
Internship category: Intercultural Studies

What would your summer mission trip look like?

A nomadic tribesman stands on the plateau, herding his yaks and living out of a tent. He burns yak dung to keep warm. His tent also has a solar panel on the side charging his iPhone X. It might take us days to travel to him, but we can reach him and many others by developing software for the devices in their hands.

In unreached contexts all around the world, many people have smartphones. They may not have running water or electricity, but they have great 4G connection. We now have unprecedented access to the farthest corners of the earth through the internet. How can the Church leverage mobile app development to advance the gospel among the unreached?

We propose that mobile app development can be a tool for teams on the field to integrate into their church planting strategies. Rather than asking you to lay aside your technical skills, we ask you to use your talents to assist in bringing the gospel to unreached people groups. Here in sunny Orlando, Florida, we can work together to develop solutions to put the gospel in the hands of the most unreached.

We will be taking project ideas from missionaries and develop mobile apps focused on church-planting efforts among unreached people groups. As an Edger, it will take your creativity, your talent in software, product, UI/UX, or web design to cross rivers, mountains and cultural barriers to deliver the good news.


2021 Developer Summer Mission Trip Activities (subject to change)

  • Learn about the challenges of reaching remote people groups
  • Understand the current state of missions
  • Innovate new tech solutions together
  • Build and develop products that will further church-planting efforts
  • Enter into community with other Christian technologists
  • Experience the whole product life cycle
  • Develop your skills in software, product, UI/UX, or web design