Location: South America
Dates: 8 weeks, May 29 to July 18, 2019
Setting: Rural
Team size: 2-4
Religion: Animism
Cost: $4800
Internship category: Intercultural Studies

What is a summer mission trip to the Amazon like?

No running water, no electricity, and definitely no air conditioning. The depths of the Amazon jungle contain some of the most remote people groups that have yet to hear the gospel. Join us for a summer of getting hands-on experience in what church planting among unreached tribal people looks like.

Learn culture and language while exploring long-term mission.

This is a wonderful opportunity to study Spanish, visit current teams involved with church-planting work in tribal locations and be exposed to other opportunities in the Amazon. These opportunities would allow you to contribute to an existing work, as well as learn and experience life in a tribal setting.

Our desire is that you are challenged into long term ministry among the unreached.

You will spend time learning the language and culture, engaging in training for mission work in the jungle, and gaining real experience in various tribes. The hope is you are launched to an unreached tribal people.

Amazon Net Trip Field Activities:

  • Language and culture study
  • Tribal living and survival
  • Children’s and orphan ministries
  • Travel by bus, boat, canoe and plane to remote jungle villages
  • Work at a plantation of bananas and cocoa beans

* Destination is subject to visa approval through this country’s embassy.