Salt Team

  • Location:
    North Africa
  • Duration:
    8 Weeks
  • Dates:
    May 24 – July 14
  • Setting:
  • Religion:
  • Cost:
  • Internship Type:
    Intercultural Studies, Fitness
Salt Team

What would your 2023 mission trip look like?

A blend of old and new, from a bustling market and from donkeys lining the streets to a busy McDonald's, this city is a crossroads of culture. The easy-going beach town vibe has seeped into the streets of the city, though this has not deterred the more conservative and traditionally Muslim. A common retreat from the heat of the desert, this city also has the unique opportunity of encountering those from unreached towns far beyond the team's immediate context.

You can join this team during an exciting time. After centuries of Islam holding a tight grip over the city and land, this city has recently seen an influx of fieldworkers longing to seek and save the lost, loving their neighbors day and night. We see a unique opportunity to witness and be a part of how God is on the move. The team here is beginning to hear whispers of people opening the Bible and being baptized in secret. This team is in the early stages of making disciples and meeting locals who are hungry to know more about God's Word and who He is.

Are you wondering what it looks like to live daily life in an unreached land? Want to participate in the movement God is creating? Are you seeking discernment of God’s will for your life? Then check out this team!

Join this team to learn, discover and grow.

▪ Learn the challenges of reaching the unreached. Start off with a week-long language study intensive, offering an insight into the challenges of language learning, and as you go, gain the tools you need to begin interacting with those around you.

▪ Discover what daily life looks like on the field, engaging with the rhythms of the community as your team seeks to see disciples made, whether in the sea surfing, over a cup (or two) of tea, or getting lost as you wander through the market.

▪ Grow alongside the long-term team, being intentionally mentored and discipled, seeking discernment together as one body, connecting over music, sports, or daily life and praying for the unreached.

We invite you to join in the journey, connect with the local team and sense how God could be calling you to join in.

2023 Edge Trip Activities

* Subject to change
  • Experience ministry in a very under-engaged area of the country
  • Get language and culture training
  • Practice prayer walking
  • Develop local friendships over coffee and tea
  • Participate in the sports-tourism business and the music & arts business
  • Be individually mentored by the long-term team
  • Participate in the spiritual rhythms and practices of the local team
  • Visit other teams in the area to gain a greater perspective

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