Location: Ghana
Dates: Eight weeks, May 27 to July 17, 2020
Setting: Rural
Religion: Islam, Animism, and nominal Christianity
Cost: $4,800
Internship category: Intercultural Studies

What does a Ghana mission trip look like?

Ghana is a peaceful country. It is an oasis of peace and prosperity in the midst of chaos in other parts of Africa. Yet the enemy attempts daily to overturn this.

We are not perturbed by this evil. The Lord will build His church here.

We are being faithful in sharing the gospel. We do this by house-to-house evangelism and follow-up using discipleship Bible tools, children’s ministry, teaching (English, math, science and computer classes), soccer ministry, and village church activities to strengthen small (5-10) ministry groups and churches.

Field Activities (subject to change)

  • Teaching English, science, math and computer science
  • Visiting schools, engaging with students through song, drama and stories
  • Playing soccer with children
  • Medical ministry
  • House to house evangelism
  • Children’s ministry
  • Strengthening and encouraging village churches