Location: Orlando, Florida
Dates: May 22 to July 31, 2020
Setting: Office/urban
Cost: TBD
Internship category: Intercultural Studies

Spend your summer learning how to connect people’s passions with needs overseas and what it takes to equip them before they go. In our home office internship, you’ll get an inside look at what it takes to meet people who want to go and how to prepare and resource them to do cross-cultural ministry well.

The majority of the time will be with the mobilization team where you’ll participate in innovative special projects, plan the recruitment season, be exposed to multiple teams overseas to learn their strategies and needs, and get a chance to be involved in the planning and hosting of orientation and training events over the course of the summer.

In addition to the practical hands-on experience, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other teams in our home office (marketing, pre-field, member development, donor services) and learn what they do to support overseas workers.

A major proponent of this internship is being mentored, personally and spiritually, to develop you to grow deeper and more intimate in your walk with Christ as you learn how to connect passionate people to needs overseas and make sure that they are well equipped for the task.


Potential Activities:

  • Participate in Edge Orientation as staff
  • Participate in Edge Debrief as staff
  • Be mentored and discipled by members of our staff
  • Participate in Bible studies and personal development
  • Assist in special projects related to mobilization and recruitment
  • Observe Advanced Security Training
  • Observe key sessions for the long-term training weeks
  • Observe a week of debrief and renewal for long-term workers