Location: Paris, France
Dates: May 26 to July 16, 2021 (about eight weeks)
Setting: Urban
Religion: Islam, unchurched
Cost: $5,600
Internship category: Intercultural Studies

What would your mission trip look like?

Paris, as iconic as it is dreamy, is a city where 12 million people have converged from all corners of the world. You might think of it more as a vacation destination than a mission field. But it is the epicenter of a country where less than 2% of the population know Jesus personally.

This spiritual reality in Paris inspires our team’s passion for the lost. So if you’re looking for a strategic location to serve the Lord, look no further!

Our team partners with local churches in order to see other gospel-centered churches planted around Paris. We are passionate about evangelism as well as discipleship. We also seek to be a gospel presence in all sectors of society, from the arts and sports to serving university students and refugees. Join us!

As an Edger, you will experience and take part in various ministry opportunities in Paris. You will serve alongside our local church and partnering ministries. This will give you a broad picture of what we do and what serving long-term in an urban context looks like. You will also learn language and culture as you focus on serving and building relationships that we can continue to develop.

Join us in bringing the light of Christ into the spiritual darkness that reigns in Paris, the city of lights.

2021 Paris Summer Mission Trip Activities (subject to change)

  • Language and culture learning
  • Mentoring and training by the local team
  • Involvement in local church activities
  • Prayer walks in neighborhoods
  • Relationship building among secular French
  • University student ministry
  • Arts ministry
  • Teaching English to refugees
  • Mercy ministries among the homeless, refugees, elderly, etc.
  • Evangelism
  • Visit famous landmarks and explore the beautiful city of Paris