Location: Europe
Dates: May 26 to July 30, 2021 (about 10 weeks)
Setting: Urban
Religion: Islam
Cost: $5,400
Internship category: Intercultural Studies

What would your Europe summer mission trip look like?

Your parents, your church, your college, your future—picture each of them. Now picture them in an alternate reality.

In this reality, your parents suffer from PTSD because of the devastating effects of a war they grew up in. You may not have a church, but you definitely have a religion. It’s made up of rituals and empty traditions, however. As long as you can remember, you’ve been taught not to associate with people from other religious groups. They are the enemy.

This is the reality for many Bosnians your age.

Despite their reality, or maybe because of it, there are spiritually hungry people in our city. People who God has already been drawing to Himself. And we need help finding them.

In our city people are always about: strolling down the walking streets, having coffee with a friend. And many of the younger people speak English and are eager to talk to Americans. We need help meeting these people and finding out about their lives.

There are a handful of “seekers” with whom we’ve been able to begin reading the Bible. But we believe God has more. Will you come and take the initiative with relationships to help us find these people? These are people who would fall in love with Jesus if they were introduced to Him.

As an Edger, you can come and help us find the people in our city that God is already drawing to Himself!

Our team needs young people who love Jesus, who aren’t afraid to step into new relationships and who will boldly share what God has done in their lives. Not someone who shares boldly yet, but open and ready to learn? We’ll help, equip, and encourage you in just that!

2021 Europe Summer Mission Trip Activities (subject to change)

  • Minister among an unreached people group in Europe
  • Prepare the soil for seeds to bear good fruit by prayer walking
  • Learn to naturally use church planting tools (discovery Bible study, Shema statement sharing, and one-minute testimonies)
  • Help the local team search for “people of peace” God has already been drawing to Himself
  • Serve the local church at evangelistic summer camps
  • Partner with long-term missionaries in two additional cities as they serve their local community
  • Start to learn a Slavic language
  • Experience the lush green mountains of a beautiful country