Location: Central Asia
Dates: 8 weeks, July 1 to August 13, 2021
Setting: Rural
Religion: Tibetan Buddhist, Shamanist
Cost: TBD
Internship category: Intercultural Studies, TESOL

What would your 2021 Central Asia summer mission trip look like?

Just 30 years ago, there were only a handful of believers in this country.  Think about that.

Back in the ’90s, most citizens had never heard the name of Jesus.

They have experienced seventy years of a failed communist experiment, along with a worldview deeply rooted in Shamanism and Tibetan Buddhism.  Many are left feeling there is no real hope.  Alcoholism is widespread, and far too often, the sins of the fathers are repeated in the next generation.

Jesus brings hope, light, truth, life, and love.

In the past 30 years, God has done amazing work to build His church, yet there are still far too many who have very little understanding of the reality of Who He is.

Mongolians are a relational people.  They are hospitable and friendly.  Trust is built through relational interaction.

A couple of years ago, a gymnasium was built by us. The purpose was to use sports and English teaching to establish relationships with young people to bring them the transformational freedom of the Gospel.  Basketball training, fitness workouts, and English teaching are some of the activities regularly taking place.

You can come and work alongside the local team and help fill the need for more English teachers and sports and fitness training.  The harvest is abundantly ready, and the workers are few.

Would you be willing to help?

2021 Central Asia Summer Mission Trip Activities (subject to change)

  • Basketball and volleyball training
  • English teaching
  • Fitness training
  • interaction with local fellowship and an annual church campout