Location: Amazon Jungle
Dates: 10 weeks, May 27 to July 31, 2020
Setting: Rural
Team size: 2-4
Religion: Animism
Cost: $5,200
Internship category: Intercultural Studies


What does an Amazon summer mission trip look like?

You will be completely off the grid. This is isolated living on a road less travelled by.  There are enchanting views in a mysterious and spiritually dark culture.  But more to the point, the Amazon jungle contains some of the most remote people groups who have yet to hear the gospel.

Join this summer for hands-on experience making disciples and church planting among unreached tribal people. You’ll learn culture and language, while exploring long-term missions.

This is a wonderful way to study and practice Spanish, have fun playing soccer, and building relationships with tribal people with similar dreams and a vastly different worldview.

This trip allows you to contribute to an existing work as well as learn and experience life in a tribal setting.

You will spend time learning language and culture, engaging in mission work in the jungle, and gaining real experience in what it takes to live in community with tribal people of the Amazon.

Amazon Summer Mission Trip Field Activities (subject to change):

  • Language and culture study
  • Tribal living and survival
  • Relationship oriented discipleship and church planting
  • Travel by plane, bus, 4X4 pickup, motorcycle, and hiking to remote jungle villages
  • Working on coffee plantations
  • Exposure to various ministries and mission strategies among an unreached people group