Where Is God Leading You?

From cities to jungles, the Lord is working all around the world and you have the opportunity to be a part of it. Join us for a trip of 8, 10 or 12 weeks to experience life overseas and what it takes to reach unreached peoples.

Deadline to apply March 6th 2020


Year: Summer 2020

This South Asian mission trip will be a learning-by-doing mentorship.  You will choose an area of emphasis for specialized training:  like prayer, discipleship, contextualization, church planting, or community development. 


Year: Summer 2020

We are looking for Edgers considering what this kind of work would look like long term. For a couple evenings each week, the team will come together for worship, time in the Word, and time to talk about the multiple tensions of living as an overseas worker. 


Year: Summer 2020

Our team needs young people who love Jesus, aren't afraid to step into new relationships, and will boldly share about what God has done in their lives.  If you're not someone who shares boldly yet, but are open and ready to learn, don't worry.  As an Edger, we'll help, equip and encourage you in just that!


Year: Summer 2020

Build relationships with Thai people who are hungry for hope and the Word of God. Teach English as a way to access their lives, meet a need and make friends.


Year: Summer 2020

Your focus will be teaching intermediate and advanced English to those who are in process to resettle in America. From relationships formed in the school and neighborhood, you will have many opportunities to share about your own life and faith.


Year: Summer 2020

Go to the Amazon jungle to share the gospel with unreached tribes, share Christ's love with children and orphans, and see if you have what it takes to survive without modern comforts. Are you willing to go to the ends of the Earth?


Year: Summer 2020

Reach out to the marginalized Roma people in Europe to share the Good News. They are open to hearing!


Year: Spring 2020

Go further in your faith and walk alongside new believers as they discover God’s truths. Be sharpened by your teammates and learn from the long-term workers there as they guide you in your mission. 


Year: Summer 2020

Come alongside the Pioneers Office to learn how we send and support missionaries for God’s glory among unreached people groups.


Year: Summer 2020

Join a team of national believers to reach their own nation through the children. Encourage believers and help them gain access to schools and communities to begin building relationships to have spiritual conversations.


Year: Summer 2020

Live everyday life with a host family learning the language and culture while building intentional relationships away from the hustle and bustle of the tourism! Engage in daily strategic prayer and prayer walking to see Holy Spirit move.


Year: Summer 2020

In a country that has everything and a people that are slow to trust, how do you build relationships to share the gospel? Come be a part of building friendships founded on trust and based in Jesus.


Year: Summer 2020

Live with the locals, experience what their lives are like, and enjoy a variety of adventure activities. Learn how to access remote locations creatively while building relationships with unreached people