What is the role of a mobilization base? Come alongside mobilization base members to gain a deeper understanding of how the mobilization base sends and supports missionaries for the fulfillment of God’s glory among unreached people groups.

Live with the locals, experience what their lives are like, and enjoy a variety of adventure activities. 

You may just be the first believer they have ever met! 

Enter a hybrid world where familiar modern influences blend with ancient strongholds. Here, an “all paths lead to God” consensus challenges the exclusivity of Jesus Christ for salvation. What’s your potential impact?
Confused by tradition, conformity and broken homes, this young generation is questioning the purpose of their lives. Come help us reach them, so that we can see a new generation of Christians rise up to take the lead in a tsunami-like movement of the gospel that is transforming this nation.
Go to the remote parts of the Amazon jungle to share the gospel with unreached people, share Christ's love with children and orphans, and see if you have what it takes to survive without modern comforts. Are you willing to go to the ends of the Earth?
Nomad Team
Experienced in app development or java script? Use your software skills to help develop kick-start projects to reached unreached nomadic tribes through their cell phones. Learn how to help start a church planting movement using technology to share the gospel with hard to track people groups.
As an Edger, your focus will be teaching intermediate and advanced English to those who are in process to resettle in America. From relationships formed within the school and in the neighborhood, you will have many opportunities to share about your own life and faith. This may be over a cup of tea, a game of chess, a meal of camel meat & pasta… see you there!
Spending a summer with us will be an adventure. Every day comes with many exciting yet challenging experiences, from living with a local family and sharing your faith to eating bizarre foods and trekking through the jungle.
As an Edger, you can look forward to being stretched! We are looking for energetic and willing Edgers who are not afraid to take initiative in making friends, live an authentic Christian life, and desire to grow by working on a team. Come be a part of history in the making.

Come and join young professionals reach remote villages with the gospel of Christ. We are using very innovatives ways to disciple young boys and girls, teaching english in villages, and teaching computer literacy in schools that have never seen a computer before. Yet at the end of the day they leave not only with knowing about technology but also the saving Grace of Christ.

As an Edger you will have the opportunity to share Christ through evangelism, children’s and sports ministry, teaching English, computer training classes, and assisting with a project to distribute mosquito nets and educate people about the effects of Malaria. Engaging in these activities help the long term missionaries build good relationships with people groups that were once resistant to the gospel…
A bustling city of culture filled with false religion and unreached minority group. Come be a part of a light shining in the darkness. Use your culture and language to open doors to fearless conversations. The possibilities are limitless...
Live everyday life with a host family learning the language and culture while building intentional relationships away from the hustle and bustle of the tourism! Make long lasting investments in friendships to share the love of Christ!

 Experience the effects of deep rooted poverty in rural Uganda. Learn what a christian's response is to overwhelming physical need amongst fierce spiritual darkness masquerading as nominal Christianity. Come and see what is touching God's heart... 


Engage with refugees investing in them life-on-life. Also help support new believers as they engage in making disciples and sharing their new faith. Teach English, run camps for refugees and share with them the good news in a world shrouded by the bad. 

Become part of a movement to create real, systemic change in India by reaching Hindu religious leaders who run the country. Be the face of Jesus to unreached people that don't believe he is the only way. A love for people, a heart of a learner, and a passion for Jesus and His word are all you need. Come learn how to do business in missions, teach English or lead worship in another culture!

Our area is one of the most gospel-neglected places on earth. With towering mountains, plunging valleys, and violent rivers, it is a land of isolation and beauty. This region, home to ten unreached people groups and even more languages, is our focus area. Most people here have never heard the gospel, and some places have never had a visit from a foreigner. Would you like to be part of a mission to bring God’s light into this unique and needy area?

As an Edger your time in Fiji will include children’s ministry, working with single mothers and their children, helping out at Oasis Farm (where you will live), home visits, and exposure to various other missionaries and ministries here in Fiji. You will also travel to the capital city to visit Homes of Hope to work wtih victims of sex trafficking, the deaf school and other cultural and educational experiences… See you there!
They are having dreams of the Son and are looking for people to come alongside them. By working in medical clinics and teaching English, you will build relationships to spread the Good News. Prayer walk the major cities here and become a part of ushering in the Kingdom...
Come work with a people steeped in conflict and share the hope of the peacemaker with them. Build intentional relationships in the community and teach children at summer camps showing them love through crafts, teaching, and playing with them! Come be a light...