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Our team is dedicated to walking alongside you in your journey to expand His kingdom among the unreached.

Safety & Communication:

How do we know the Edge trips are safe?
  • Safety is a priority for us at Pioneers. The Edge monitors our fields closely by assembling a Security Advisory Team composed of our International Security Adviser, Edge Director and the VP of Mobilization. We monitor the news and State Department postings and rely heavily on our leadership within the country to decide if it is safe to send a short term team out. If we determine that a particular area is not safe for the Edge team we will either re-route the team to an alternate location, or have them join another team in the event of cancellation.
What happens in the event of an emergency on the field?
  • We will be in contact with our field missionaries during the summer and be notified of any emergency situations. Should conditions become unsafe during the summer, the appropriate emergency protocol for that specific destination will be followed. Each field team has contingency plans in the event of an emergency. The Edge team, since they are a part of the field team for the summer, will be included in these plans. We also purchase international health insurance (including evacuation insurance) for each Edger. Once accepted to our program we will provide you with an emergency contact phone number that can be called 24/7.
How does communication happen while I am on my Edge trip?
  • Communication varies for each team. We would ask that you be prepared for limited communication during your time on the field. Many of our trips are in very remote and isolated parts of the globe where electricity is less consistent and internet access may be sparse. Email and Skype are usually the best methods of communication. In some locations international calling cards may be purchased to call home when internet is not readily available. If you have more questions about specific Edge trips please contact us.


What does the advertised trip cost cover?
  • The advertised cost covers the following: stateside orientation, stateside debrief, round trip international airfare, all field costs (lodging, transportation, food, sight-seeing, etc.), entry visa when necessary and international health insurance.
What does the advertised trip cost NOT cover?
  • The advertised costs does NOT cover the following: domestic travel to orientation and from debrief, passport fees, immunizations, souvenirs or other personal items.
Are there fees related to credit card transactions?
  • We are charged a three percent fee to process credit cards, which is subtracted from the gift before it is credited to the Edger's account. We encourage donors to mail in a check with your name and Edge account number or give online via echeck.


What does the structure of an Edge team look like?
  • An Edge team consists of the team of young adults (Edgers), one peer leader (Edge Peer Leader), and the Field Mentor (the missionary and team you will be working with on the field).
Can I receive college credit if I go on an Edge trip?
  • We handle this question on a case by case basis. Please contact us so we can discuss it further with you.

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