Best Gifts to Give Travelers

Even if your traveler says they have everything they need, there a few items to make their traveling days that much brighter!


Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a staple for our staff who travel often. They allow you to pack a lot of clothes in a small space. That’s great for trips where rolling suitcases aren’t a good option. (We’re looking at you, European train traveler.)

Here are some of our favorites.

packing cube images

Travel Gift Cards

If the person you’re buying for truly has everything they need, consider getting them a gift card for when they might need something else. An airline or AirBnB card, even a gas card, might give them the extra boost they need to go on their next adventure.

gift card image

Versatile Backpack

A backpack that can fit everything you need without hitting people when you turn? Hard to find. Gift your traveler with the convenience of functionality and style all in one product.

One like this has all you need.

grey backpack

Travel Candle Set

Often, one of the hardest parts of traveling is sleeping in many different places. A familiar scent that is easy to travel with can make all the difference. One set for home and one for travel would mean everywhere has the same homey smell.

You can find them here.

travel candle set

Scratch-Off Map

What better thing to gift your traveler than an interactive map? They’ll be rushing to scratch off the next state or country each time they come home. It’s also a fun decoration and conversational item to have when they are home.

Here's where you can check it out.

gold scratch off map

Accessory Bag

Relieve some stress for your traveler by gifting them this accessory bag. Tangled cords can be a nightmare, especially when you're in a hurry to plug in a dying phone or access some headphones. The gift of having all their cords in one spot, de-tangled could be the best present you can give them.

These are serious headache savers.

accessory cord bag

Lint Roller

Keeping a neat appearance can be a challenge for someone who travels a lot. Although most places offer some type of laundry and ironing, white fuzz or pet hair on the clothes can still be a problem. This retractable lint roller is easy to throw in a bag to can keep tidy on the go! And this one can goin any bag without picking up lint from the contents of the bag.

Save your black T-shirt with this.

teal retractable lint roller

Here are some other gift ideas for your traveler:

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