Supporting Missionaries When You’re Broke

5 Creative Ways to Support Missionaries

You may not have a ton of money to spare, but you’re still passionate about missions and want to support missionaries in any way you can.

Here are five tips on how to support missionaries when you’re broke.

1. Pray for them. Really pray.

When the missionary you love sends you an update with prayer requests, don’t just take time to pray right then. Do that. But also schedule intentional time to pray for them, their family, ministry, and the requests. Make sure that you’re letting them know when and what you’re praying too. This is a huge encouragement.

2. Remember important dates.

You might not be able to send care packages or international mail, but you can send an email or text! Keep track of their birthdays, kids’ birthdays, anniversaries (marriage, but also milestones for time spent in-country). Reach out during holidays to let them know you’re thinking of them. When they mention calendar dates in their newsletters, write those down as a reminder to follow up about them. Doing this is a huge way to love and support your missionary.

3. Ask the right questions.

When missionaries are visiting the US or their home city again, it can often lead to awkward interactions as you are trying to figure out to say or ask. Questions like, “How are you adjusting?” or “What are you excited about right now?” or “What have you been learning?” allow them to share without having to be educators of culture or pretend things are incredible. Questions like, “How has it been?” can be really broad and overwhelming. Really, just being interested and wanting to listen to the whole story without getting distracted is a blessing.

4. Babysit for them.

If your missionary has kids, offer to babysit for them for free! Especially if they aren’t as familiar with people in the town anymore or don’t have family nearby, this can be a great blessing. Most of the time people are free to meet or want the missionary to speak happens in the evening which gets dicey for those with kids in tow. Offer to lighten their load by entertaining the kids for the evening.

5. Be a friend.

More than anything, be a friend to them. Joke with them, go out to eat with them, or send them funny posts and updates. A lot of adjustments come with moving overseas and visiting the States. Some expect missionaries to be super human and think they should have thriving ministries three weeks in, when they’re actually just learning language for two years. Give them space to be real and not have to smile and be okay.

Don’t have much money? You still have a lot to offer as a sender. Share these five tips with someone else who should hear them.


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