When He or She Doesn’t Want to Do Missions

If you’re reading this, you probably feel the age-old tug, “What am I supposed to do?”

At some point in your life you felt called to to be a missionary. Maybe you’ve felt that way since you were little. Or maybe it was a trip you took that totally changed your life. Either way, you live your life knowing this is what you’re made to do. It all fits and lines up. Then suddenly another issue comes up and throws a huge wrench into the works.

Because not only do you really want to missions, you would also like to get married eventually. Now, those sentiments aren’t exclusive. A lot of married people do missions. But what if the person you date isn’t as into the idea of doing missions as you are? They definitely aren’t against it, but they feel more called to stay where they are and serve there.

What do you do when your boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t want to do missions?

Two desires are at war in your heart and you aren’t sure which is supposed to win. And you’ve probably gotten a lot of different counsel along the way, too. That may only make the decision harder.

Here’s the secret.

There’s not a right answer.

Our relationship with God isn’t a formula where He’s waiting for us to make the correct choice to either congratulate us or shake His head in disappointment.

Here is what we do know about the heart and will of God and what He wants us to do:

1. He wants us to love Him wholly.

Like with all our mind, soul, heart, strength type of whole. If something gets in the way of that, Jesus doesn’t mess around. He says to “cut off your hand” or “gouge out your eye” if they cause you to sin. And if we love something more than we love Jesus, that’s consider sin. Check out the story about the servant of two masters.

2. He wants us to radically love others.

Right behind loving God is loving others… loving others in a way that is inconvenient and doesn’t advance us in any way. As followers, we are to serve instead of being served.

3. He desires to give us good gifts.

All good gifts come from the Father. If an earthly father can give good things, then how much more can the heavenly Father give good things? Hear this: if you delight in the Lord, He says He will give you the desires of your heart. Relationships aren’t a trick or trap from God.

These aren’t direct answers, but they do give us guidelines. God doesn’t desire to trick us; He’s a God of peace, not chaos.

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