9 Reasons to Go on a Mission Trip This Year

Why This Is the Year to Go on a Mission Trip

Not sure if you should go on a mission trip? Here are nine reasons this year is the best year to go.

1. Travel costs are actually down.

woman on plane headed on missions trip

With the rise of budget airlines and the drop of gas prices, flying is actually getting cheaper. There are so many ways to save money traveling.  Want to go on a mission trip? You can actually do it pretty cheap!

 2. Flying is only getting better.

missionary on a plane with ticket

People can complain all they want, but we love international flights and they’re only getting better! Many flights now have free wifi, USB charging ports and not only movies, but games, music, legitimately GOOD food and better seats. If you go on a mission trip overseas, all of these are available flying economy, not first class. Oh, and we have #neckpillows

3. Everyone has done the research for you.

new girl gif about blogging

It’s the age of the “travel blogger.” Why is this a pro for people who want to go on a mission trip? Literally, so many people have gone ahead and done the research for you. What to pack? Cheapest place to stay in Bangkok? Best travel pillow for an international flight? Google it. Someone out there already has a blog about it.

4. The internet.

Frozen gif about facetime

A huge barrier to going on a mission trip is FOMO. “But if I go I will miss out on fill in the blank.” The good news, technology really does keep us connected. You can see pictures of your nephew and niece and watch videos of them as they grow! It also means that if you have a prayer need you can write home about it and people know to pray!

5. English.

anchorman what did you say gif

All over the world people are learning English. You should absolutely dabble in language learning while overseas, but is your two-week mission trip the time to try and get fluent? Probs not. The pro, though, is that if you go on a mission trip you can do solid ministry in English a lot of places.

6. Globalization.

I love diversity gif

Do you have a heart for Iranians but can’t get a visa for a summer trip? Why not go to Greece instead? Have a heart for Somalis? Go to Ethiopia. Pakistanis? Malaysia. We live in an age where we can go all over to reach people from all over.

7. Greater self-awareness.

self awareness gif

Want to grow in self-awareness? 100% you should do missions. To go on a mission trip will challenge how you think, believe and see the world. Serving overseas puts you way outside your comfort zone and that is a catalyst to personal growth.

8. You’re only going to get busier.

spongebob I'm Too Busy gif

If you think you’re busy now, but it’s only going to get worse. Life seems to do that. Seize the opportunities while you’re in college and have summers available to go on a shorter trip. Or maybe take a whole year after college to go join a long-term team and serve where God’s name isn’t known. You won’t regret it.

9. God still calls us to go.

person jumping into water off of cliff gif

Though the nations have come to our doors as the world globalizes, and many have safety concerns for global travel, God’s commission to us has not changed. As long as there are people on the earth who haven’t heard of Jesus, we are still called to go. Get started. Go on a mission trip!

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